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You Are Not Alone

Today is Mental Health Action Day, which is an important reminder that everybody has to deal with their mental health at some point in their life. Just like everybody has to deal with physical health—it’s part of being human.

For me, this happened in my twenties when I addressed my alcoholism. Once I took action, and asked for help, everything in my life got better.

For you it could be anxiety, depression or PTSD. It could be temporary, or it could be something you’ve been struggling with for a while—and the pandemic may have made it worse. The point is, there should be no stigma to something we all share in common. You can get help.

At the Department of Labor, we’re taking action to remove barriers to coverage for mental health and substance use treatment in employer health plans. That’s a priority for me.

So, if you or a loved one is dealing with something, I want you to know: You are not alone. We’re in this together, and we can take action.

Marty Walsh is the secretary of labor. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @SecMartyWalsh. 

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