7 Must-Read Blog Posts From 2021

Secretary Walsh is sworn in by Vice President Harris March 23, 2021.
Labor Secretary Marty Walsh is sworn in by Vice President Kamala Harris March 23, 2021.

We’ve shared a lot of stories over the past year on our blog. As 2021 draws to a close, check out some of our most popular posts: 


1. Meeting the Moment 

In his first blog post after being confirmed as the 29th Secretary of Labor, Marty Walsh shared his personal story as well as his priorities for strengthening and empowering the workforce. 

2. Workers With Long COVID-19 May be Entitled to Accommodations  

Some workers who had COVID-19 continue to experience symptoms that make it difficult to continue working the same way they did before. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, they may be entitled to workplace accommodations.  

3. 5 Facts About the State of the Gender Pay Gap 

Ahead of Equal Pay Day, Labor Department Chief Economist Janelle Jones shared five shocking facts about the status of working women as well as ways to achieve pay equity. 

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Organize 

Over 60 million Americans say they would join a union if they could. Anders Bloomquist, a member of UNITE HERE Local 17 – a Minnesota hospitality union – described his experience with organizing and how his union supports him. Hear from other workers around the country who shared their stories with us in 2021.  

5. What the El Monte Case Means to Me  

Twenty years ago, the El Monte sweatshop case shocked the nation – and helped spur labor reforms in the garment industry. Deputy Secretary Julie Su was involved in helping bring restitution as a young attorney, and she shared her reflections on how far we’ve come and the work still ahead to better protect workers at risk of exploitation.

6. If You Know All These Labor Department Facts, We’ll Be Really Impressed 

Batman, clam chowder and a bona fide saint – the history of the Labor Department covers some unexpected territory. Ready to test your knowledge? We rounded up fascinating facts that most people don’t know. 

7. 4 Mental Health Resources for Employers 

The pandemic has taken a serious toll on many workers’ mental health. In this post, we rounded up resources for employers who offer health benefits and plan service provides to help them better understand and comply with federal requirements on mental health and substance use disorder benefits. 


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