Take Time, Save Lives

Take Time, Save Lives

Our top priority at MSHA is keeping miners safe. In the past year, we have seen an increase in mine fatalities and injuries, with devastating results for far too many families. Many of these incidents could have been prevented with proper training and attention to tasks. That’s why the Mine Safety and Health Administration is reminding mine operators to train miners and ensure they can take their time to prevent accidents and injuries and to save lives.  

It is up to mine operators to ensure that miners are fully trained and able to take time to follow best safety practices that can prevent deadly accidents. Mines across the country will receive a poster to display at mine sites with steps they can take to stay safe. 

Get additional training resources and educational materials on the following issues for both new and seasoned miners at www.MSHA.gov/TakeTimeSaveLives

  • Powered haulage safety  
  • Roof and rib falls  
  • Fire suppression and prevention 
  • Lockout/tagout 
  • Fatality updates 
  • Coronavirus prevention 
  • And more 

We hope you’ll help us get the word out to take time, save lives, as we work to make sure every miner comes home safe at the end of each shift. Please follow us on Twitter @MSHA_DOL and send us an email at AskMSHA@dol.gov for more information and resources. 


Jeannette Galanis is the acting assistant secretary of labor for the Mine Safety and Health Administration. Follow MSHA on Twitter at @MSHA_DOL